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Forum Thread: I just opened my excel file on my phone

I just opened my excel file on my phone, which I was sent to the mail for work. The file is frozen and now, when opening, an error about an unknown format comes out. I tried to restart the application, but nothing has changed for the better. I'm sure that everything was in order with the program. What to do with this?

Forum Thread: My FoxPro Began to Be Have Strangely.

I didn't use the newest version, because I was used to it and thought it was more convenient in my work, but recently it began to give me a lot of mistakes during my work, which forced me to update the software. With the update, the errors did not appear again, but the important file was corrupted. The DBF file tried to open the plugin from the TotalCommander BaseView. Opens with hieroglyphs: Then I did not understand DBF and came here. What to do with it now?

Forum Thread: How to control devices assigned Image Capture.

Have an iMac with El Capitan and a V600 Epson Flatbed scanner that I use to improve old photo and transfer 35mm slides into Photo using Epson scan but lately I find my device (scanner) listed as devices but I can find no way to disable Image Capture which I dont use because now the scanner will only work on Image Capture or Apple Preferences so the functions I use it for are not usable on those. Occasionally a pop up will ask if I want to sue scanner on twain and if I punch yes it works but i...

Forum Thread: Cyberbullying Companies and Brands

The Internet has given everyone a place to have their opinion and say anything they want, often anonymously. On the one hand such freedom of speech obliges corporations to conduct transparent and conscientious business activities; on the other hand forums and social media allow everyone to criticize people, products, or companies. A lot of attention has been given to the real harm of cyberbullying among children and teens, but little focus has been given to “Corporate Cyberbullying”. Many peo...

Forum Thread: Hi, Can Anyone Tell Me How to Make Text Go Around a Circular Image in Pages?

Several years ago a friend showed me how to get words to form around a circle (like a sentence itself was creating a circular shape) and I have not for the life of me been able to remember or figure it out again! I don't mean "wrap text" around a shape, but actually make the shape with the text. Would be SO grateful for some help with this. I am attaching an image of my business logo as an example. I want to do the same thing but with different words. Thanks!

Forum Thread: Free Apps for Mac?

I'm just about to get a macbook. I'm wondering if there are "free as in free beer" applications just like on my ubuntu. Does it have equivalent software such as Open Office, Gimp, Camstudio, Any video converter and Audacity on a Mac. Also, is it easy to install ubuntu 10.04  on a new macbook? Is bootcamp pre-installed on my system? It's a 2.4 GHz core 2 duo with Geforce 320M.

Forum Thread: too many redirects

Hi problem here i need help with . I go to the vodaphone websit to buy the iphone 4 and after 3 or 4 directs safari tells me there has been to many redirects back to the home page , I have cleared mt cache , no joy , enabled cookies, no joy, disabled cookies no joy . tried to use firefox no joy . very frustrating

Forum Thread: A Numbers Chart from Multiple Sheets?

In Numbers '09, I'd like to make a chart on one sheet that draws data from multiple tables on multiple sheets. Is this possible? I tried for the longest time and finally gave up. Seems you can only draw data in a chart from multiple tables on the same sheet, not from different sheets. But is there something I'm missing? Anybody know?

Forum Thread: Hello World

I’m Bakari Chavanu, I’m professional technical writer and sometimes wedding and event photographer. I write technical documentation for private companies, and am a staff writer for the web technology blog magazine I have written mostly about Apple related software and hardware, as well about digital photography, for sites including, O’Reilly Media’s Inside Aperture,, and I’m the author of two PDF publications,  Make Use of Guide to Digital ...

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