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I'm just about to get a macbook. I'm wondering if there are "free as in free beer" applications just like on my ubuntu. Does it have equivalent software such as Open Office, Gimp, Camstudio, Any video converter and Audacity on a Mac. Also, is it easy to install ubuntu 10.04  on a new macbook? Is bootcamp pre-installed on my system? It's a 2.4 GHz core 2 duo with Geforce 320M.

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Enrico, thanks for stopping by. Yes, there are several really good "free as in free beer" apps for the Mac. When you get your MacBook, it will probably have the latest version of Mac OS X installed on it. As part of OS X, there is now an application called App Store. When you launch that, you can browse the section for free apps in the App Store. What's cool about the App Store is that you can use your Apple ID, which you will need to create, to download apps from the App Store. When those apps need to be updated you will need a separate license code to access them. All you will need is your Apple ID. See this video for more information about the App Store: How to use the Mac App Store on Mac OS X.

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