How To: Download & Run the Latest Developer Build of Mac OS X for Free

Download & Run the Latest Developer Build of Mac OS X for Free

Apple has announced the release of their OS X Beta Seed Program today, which allows anyone with an Apple ID and a Mac to download and run the latest developer build of Mac OS X 10.9.3—the most updated beta version of Mavericks.

The OS X Beta Seed Program allows us to run software that was once only available to limited test audiences or registered Apple developers—with the latter costing $99 a year for a membership. With this program, not only do we get our hands on extremely new software, but we also provide help and feedback to Apple in order to make the OS X experience better for all.

If you're interested in testing out the latest beta version of OS X Mavericks, head over to the OS X Beta Seed Program, log in with your Apple credentials, make a backup of your device, download the software, and update your computer.

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Once your computer reboots, you'll have the latest developer version of OS X, ready for tinkering and bug reports to Apple.

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