How To: Will Installing OS X Mountain Lion Break My Apps?

Will Installing OS X Mountain Lion Break My Apps?

Mountain Lion is here, and at such a reasonable price point, there doesn't seem to be many reasons why you wouldn't upgrade. That is, unless your apps aren't compatible. Just like a major OS upgrade, developers are having to adjust to Mountain Lion, and not every transition has been smooth.

Before you jump into that Mountain Lion upgrade, take a moment to check that all of your apps are ready for the move.

Roaring Apps is the best resource to do this, and you can browse its extensive database of apps by Name, Version, or Developer to see what will make the transition and what won't.

Some of the software listed as incompatible with Mountain Lion are Canon EOS Utility, Filemaker Pro, Flip4Mac, Microsoft Office 2004, Perian, Photoshop Elements 4 and 5, SkyDrive, Soundbooth, Max Payne and the Kindle app. But anyone can submit compatibility statuses, so there's no telling if they actually are incompatible. A lot of Adobe's Creative Suite is listed as either having problems or having not been tested. However, Adobe claims that there are no known issues.

If you've already performed the upgrade, are there any apps in particular that are giving you problems in Mountain Lion? If so, let us know in the comments section!

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