Apple Unveiled Yosemite: Here's What to Expect in Mac OS X 10.10

Here's What to Expect in Mac OS X 10.10

The new operating system for your Mac is here, and it looks fantastic—OS X Yosemite. At Apple's WWDC presentation, we were shown the new iOS-like aesthetics, as well as other awesome enhancements to the operating system.

Improved Aesthetics

As expected, Mac OS X will take a big influence from the look and feel of iOS 7 and 8. No longer will our Mac dock look similar to iOS 6, with bulky icons and an actual dock where your icons rest on. Improvements include:

  • Translucent dock and windows—This is made to personalize your experience, as your background will influence windows and docks.
  • Flat icons—RIP bulky out-of-date icons; Apple has ushered in flat icons, like iOS, to your Mac.
  • Dark Mode—Apple's Craig Federighi describes it a focus on "clarity, but also utility," as dark mode will dim the entire interface for better focus while working.
The new translucent dock.

System Additions

Not only is OS X making your system look better, but it will also improve usage and functionality with additional features and improvements:

  • Today view—Notification Center, add apps for view
  • Spotlight—local content, instant search (pulls from all sources)
  • iCloud Drive—iOS docs, Mac docs, any files, synced automatically, accessible through iOS devices, works with Windows, too (think Dropbox)
  • Mail Drop—through iCloud (encrypted) rather than SMS servers
  • HTML5 Premium Video —two hours longer battery life for Netflix 1080p video (no longer needs a plugin)
  • Safari—snapshots of web pages, snippets of info (Spotlight) from search, easy tab scrolling, recent recipients feature for sharing, annotate shared items with Markup
  • Markup–recognizes arrows, bubbles, etc.


With the release of OS X Yosemite, Apple also introduces Continuity between devices. Apple devices will have the capability to recognize each other and work together.

You will be able to exit a text message from your iPhone and continue on your Mac or iPad. Phone calls can be received or made from your Mac as well.

Of course, this is just skimming the service. We'll have a ton of information when we've got this baby installed.

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From year to year, MAC OS is getting worse and worse. None of the "new" features are not quite as useful. A name does not even want to comment. After Snow leopard just is not Apple

I'm not sure I can agree. I genuinely enjoy some of the features, as minor as they may be. iOS 8 users can also get more out of this OS.

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