News: Great Menubar App to Control iTunes: "You Control: Tunes"

Great Menubar App to Control iTunes: "You Control: Tunes"

I have been wanting to share this great menubar app for a long time now (2+ years), but I really didn't know where. Just looking at Mac How-To World made me think to post it here.

On to the app! You Control: Tunes is a freeware application that allows you complete control over iTunes from the Mac OS X menu bar. Essentially, you don't have to stop what you're doing to click in and out of the iTunes application; instead, you can simply pull down a customizable menu from the menubar that gives you access to everything you need. 

The menubar app shows, when idle, a previous button, a play button, and a forward button.

Great Menubar App to Control iTunes: "You Control: Tunes"

You can add custom artwork, or use the 50+ choices they have:

Great Menubar App to Control iTunes: "You Control: Tunes"

As you can see, I chose the hollowed out one, but there are MANY more choices.

When you download You Control: Tunes, you set up everything from the menubar and never have to do anything again. You can choose left/right menubar icon, what it should be titled, the icon, hot key for it, the font, really anything. That's what I love about this app, and frankly anyone who I show it to. 

In the "About You" tab as you can see above, you just have to put in some basic information and they send you a FREE license! (Don't worry they never send you annoying emails either). 

You can control what song to play, go through playlists, rate songs, anything. It has a scrolling title that covers the controls at the start of a song, and even an overlay that you can place anywhere on the screen.  Well, it's easier to describe in pictures than words so I'll post a bunch below. Also, scroll down for a video walkthrough from YouTube user EverythingApple7. Hope you guys like it. 

Check it out, and download here.  They actually have a ton of other "You Control" software as well. (Paid License, though).

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Thanks Nick! I'll definitely be checking this app out for my own Mac.

Ive been using this app since my white macbook! and it was the one of the first apps I downloaded onto my macbook pro! most useful menubar app :)

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