News: Is HP touchpad 64GB a possible rival to iPad 2?

Is HP touchpad 64GB a possible rival to iPad 2?

Is HP touchpad 64GB a possible rival to iPad 2?

The HP Touchpad 64 GB is out in action with a robust processor and additional applications in the market. Using the best technology on earth, it is looking forward to give a tough fight to the Apple's iPad 2. The 64 GB HP TouchPad sound more promising to its predecessors. The experts feel that the two device, HP TouchPad 64 and Apple's iPad-2 is more or less the same. Let's have a glance over the device by discussing the various features it encompasses.

Dimensions and Display

The HP Touchpad comes with 240 x 190 x 13.7 mm with weight as 740 g. As far as the portability factor is concerned, this device seems to go with the mantra, the bigger the better. Talking about the display part, the device embarks with 9.7 inch screen powered by LCD technology. This comes with the feature of IPS for getting a perfect view through various angles. The screen showcases an unusual pixel resolution of 1024 x 768 having the square screen shape like how we see in other tablets with 16:9 widescreen ratios.


The HP Touchpad comes with Web OS 3.0 which looks pretty impressive in terms of offering good app integration, wireless printing and above all browser with flash supporting and not to forget the system of synergy syncing.


The Touchpad features with Micro USB ports and the integration of NFC technology. This enables the device to transfer your data or information between your device and palm/pre phone. And speaking about the Bluetooth part it comes with Bluetooth 2.1.

The power room or processor

The TouchPad with a processor from Qualcomm with dual core scorpion CPU promises to offer 1.2 GHz as processing power. The RAM is also seen promising with this device. The processor is certainly robust enough to guarantee you better performance.


The TouchPad promises to give an 8 hour nonstop of video. This means that you can suffice your basic requirement when you are based in office or home. However, when going on a long flight, this may take care of you for a while, still cannot call it a bad deal though.

Final Word

As far as the Touchpad is concerned, it doesn't sounds to be a bad deal though you have to wait a bit for the 3G compatibility. And this can prove better option when you own a Palm/Pre Phone. On comparing on the grounds of the cost, HP TouchPad proves to be a right choice as the iPad 2 comes at a higher cost. On paper, the TouchPad finds to be a better device with pleasing display and undoubtedly the better software running the show. The Web Cam and browsing experience coming from this device is indeed incredible and can certainly defy the Apple iPad 2 to some extent. However, as far as the applications are concerned, HP TouchPad sounds to be lagging behind with limited number of Apps. Comparing both the devices, you will find a mixed result with apple leading some avenues and HP in some other avenues.


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