How To: Do Almost Anything on Your Mac Using Only a Keyboard (No Mouse or Trackpad Required)

Do Almost Anything on Your Mac Using Only a Keyboard (No Mouse or Trackpad Required)

On average, it takes three seconds to move your hand from the keyboard to the mouse, then click once and move your hand back to the keyboard. While the time wasted my sound trivial, it can add up quickly throughout the day.

Seconds can become minutes wasted and can make it difficult to finish an essay or work deadline when you're constantly moving your hands from one device to another.

If you're using a laptop, the time is spent moving your hands around is less, thanks to the trackpad directly underneath the keyboard, but you're still wasting a little time.

Imagine all of the time and energy you could save if you could keep your hands only on the keyboard—at all times.

How to Only Use Your Mac's Keyboard

With the Shortcat app, you can save time by using your keyboard to do anything you need to on your Mac. Shortcat adds shortcuts to maneuver through applications and the user interface very rapidly, expanding upon the small list of built-in keyboard shortcuts your Mac already has.

Once you become accustomed to Shortcat's keyboard shortcuts, flying through your computer will become second nature.

Some of the functions include:

  • Switching tabs in Chrome or Safari
  • Browsing the web in Safari
  • Jumping between chats in Skype
  • Changing settings in System Preferences
  • Clicking links in chat programs
  • And much, much more

While the application is now in Beta, the video below shows the app in its Alpha stage, but is still a great indicator as to how Shortcat works.

Once it's out of Beta, you can probably find it in the Mac App Store, but until then, you can download Shortcat for OSX 10.7 Lion and above here.

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